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Creating Special-Needs Trusts In Texas To Meet Your Goals

Estate planning by parents who have children with special needs includes many challenges. How do you leave funds for the benefit of the child without causing the child to lose important government benefits? How do you make sure that the funds are well-managed? How do you make sure that your other children are not overburdened with caring for the sibling with special needs? What is fair in terms of distributing your estate between your child with special needs and your other children? How do you make sure there is enough money to sustain your special-needs child over time?

Providing Individualized Attention

Livens & Reed, PLLC understands the problems parents with special-needs loved ones face, and we can help you create an estate plan that takes into account your loved one’s unique needs and circumstances. An experienced Austin estate planning lawyer can help families with issues such as:

Contact An Experienced Special-Needs Planning Lawyer

If you are interested in learning more about the effective representation an experienced attorney can provide, contact the firm online or call 800-569-2663 to schedule your free initial consultation. We can work with you to create a plan to help ensure your loved ones and assets are protected. We provide representation in Austin, Dallas and the entire state of Texas.

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