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Qualifying For Texas Veterans Benefits

If you served your country during wartime, you may be entitled to up to $24,000 tax-free per year. Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits are designed to provide financial support for individuals who served during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War or Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

The requirements for receiving benefits are straightforward, but an experienced Austin VA benefits lawyer can help make sure you receive the financial protection you deserve. Livens & Reed, PLLC has more than 25 years of experience helping individuals in Dallas, Austin and throughout Texas receive the financial assistance they need.

Requirements For Benefit Qualification

In order to qualify for benefits, a person must meet five basic criteria:

  • The individual must be a veteran, the surviving spouse of a veteran, or active in military service.
  • Assets must not exceed established limits.
  • Income must not exceed established limits.
  • There must be certain health needs (not necessarily medical needs).
  • The individual must be unable to drive.

Many people who apply for veterans benefits are turned down because they have too much income or assets because the wrong forms were filled out or the forms were filled out incorrectly. Last year our firm successfully completed hundreds of Medicaid and VA applications, and we had 100 percent success in every case.

Contact An Experienced VA Disability Benefits Attorney

If you are interested in learning more about the funds you could be receiving, contact the firm online or call 800-569-2663. When we work with individuals, we help them consider how their veterans benefits could impact their Medicaid benefits and other estate planning. We work with our clients to maximize income, minimize risks and protect assets.

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