Advising an aging parent in matters of estate planning

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Estate Planning |

You might be surprised how many people in Texas and throughout the United States die without having executed estate plans. Discussing the topic with your aging parents is typically a wise decision if they have turned to you for advice to get their affairs in order. Thorough estate planning is a valuable tool for protecting your parents’ assets and helping them make sure their final wishes are carried out when they die.

Many elderly people are concerned with financial and medical issues. In helping your mother or father design an estate plan, you may advise them to appoint someone as an authoritative voice to have stewardship and decision-making power over their finances and medical decisions should they become incapacitated and unable to make such decisions themselves. One or more persons can be named in this capacity.

Also, another basic concern of many aging parents is making sure their property goes to particular persons upon their deaths. If a person dies without having executed a will, such matters will be decided in probate court. Therefore, there is no guarantee that property will be distributed to the same people that person would have chosen.

To clarify estate laws in Texas and to act alongside experienced representation when helping your aging parents through an estate planning process, you can contact a skilled probate and estate administration attorney for guidance. The Livens Law Firm has successfully assisted many clients throughout the state in all aspects of their estate planning needs. To arrange a free consultation, you may access the online contact form available on our website.


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