Planning for long-term care can relieve stress of getting older

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Long Term Care Planning |

Aging is a fact of life. Many people are living longer and healthier lives as a result of improved diets and exercise. But no matter how hard one fights it, the aging process will likely catch up with a person in the end. As people are living longer, the need for long term care becomes more likely. However, many people are not planning for their own long-term care needs in Texas.

Many individuals may think that the need for long term care is something that happens to others and not see a need for coming up with a plan. The hard truth is that failure to plan for long term care can place the burden on one’s loved ones. Medicare and health insurance policies do not cover long term care. Medicaid will only cover these expenses if the individual has no other means available.

Long term care plans were once believed to be prohibitively expensive and rates were not stable. Today’s plans are considerably more affordable and the rates have become less volatile. Planning for long term care can be an important part of retirement planning.

Few people want to put their families in a position of having to care for them when they get older and are unable to care for themselves. Much has been written about the sandwich generation, those caring for elderly parents at the same time that they may be raising children or paying for college tuition. An attorney familiar with current long-term care plans in Texas can assist a person with understanding all the options available and can help one to identify a solution that best fits one’s needs.


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