The executor can prepare for probate before the loved one passes

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Estate Administration |

Closing a Texas estate can come with many complications. The executor of the estate will have a number of responsibilities to handle during this time, and without the right information, this person could face more difficulties in an already trying process. Fortunately, if an individual knows that he or she will take on this role, preparing before the loved one’s passing may be useful.

One of the most important steps to take is to ensure that the executor knows where the important estate-related documents are. The important documents can include the original will, property titles and deeds, and insurance policies, among other documents. The executor and the estate owner can work to determine a secure place to keep the documents until they need to be accessed.

It could also prove wise for the executor to gain various information from the loved one, such as his or her preferences for funeral arrangements, which should not be included in the will. Additionally, a conversation about small, sentimental items and who should receive those items could be useful. Typically, the will does not list every single item for distribution, and having an idea of who should receive the smaller items could help the executor when it comes time for distribution.

Of course, any decisions that the person makes before his or her passing need to be in writing and legally binding. The executor can use these documents throughout the probate process and, hopefully, have the ability to handle the necessary steps as smoothly as possible. Of course, Texas residents in this position can also enlist the help of legal professionals throughout the proceedings.


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