Living will can be a final gift for loved ones

by | May 18, 2020 | Estate Planning |

The majority of Texas residents prefer to make their own decisions. They do not want someone else dictating where they will live, what they will eat or where they will work. Likewise, they do not want someone else dictating what medical care they will receive even if they are unable to verbalize their preference. Yet, without a living will, this is exactly what could happen.

One’s life can change in an instant; an illness or serious injury can strike without warning. When this happens, it may not be possible for the individual to express his or her desires regarding medical care. Does the individual want medical professionals to use all methods possible or does he or she want to be allowed to pass without these extremes if there is little or no hope?

Some individuals do want medical professionals to attempt to keep them alive by any means possible. This may include resuscitation or feeding tubes. Others would consider this simply prolonging the inevitable and would prefer to go ahead and allow nature to take its course. However, without a living will, family and medical professionals will not know the individual’s desires. This only adds to the stress and turmoil that the family is already going through.

The living will allows the family to know that they are making the decision that their loved one wants. Additionally, it can also let the family, and the medical professionals, know the individual’s thoughts regarding organ donation. In the event that it does become necessary, the living will can be the final gift that the Texas resident can provide for his or her loved ones.