What happens if you can’t find your mom’s will?

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 Many Dallas area residents understand the importance of estate planning and have had a will created. The will is full of valuable information that their heirs will need upon their death. But sometimes when a parent dies their children cannot find their will. So what options does a family have in this situation?

Ideally a person’s will should be kept in a safe location and this location should be shared with loved ones. But if this is not the case and a child cannot find their parent’s will upon their death there are some things they should do.

  • Search the person’s home. Parents may hide their will in unusually creative places. Check the filing cabinet, in various boxes, closets, desk drawers, bureaus, and piles of papers. Also check the garage, under mattresses, in the trunk of their car, etc.
  • Safe deposit box. While searching a parent’s house, a child may find a large key that says, “do not duplicate”. This key may be for a safe deposit box that holds the will.
  • Look for business cards. Check for business cards for attorneys, financial professionals, and accountants. Any of these people may know where the deceased’s will can be found.
  • Check the county courthouse. A copy of the will may have been filed with the county courthouse.

Get legal help

A legal professional who is skilled in probate can help their client with probate and estate administration questions. They can assist with reviewing the will, appointing an executor, gathering assets, paying bills, and distributing the remaining assets to heirs, filing taxes and final accounting to the state of Texas. They can also help with the retitling of real estate.