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Providing Cost-Effective Medicaid Strategies

Once you apply for Medicaid, you will lose the opportunity to protect your assets. Do not throw away the flexibility that exists prior to an application. If your assets show that you have more than the allowable amount, you will be required to spend down those assets. Without professional assistance, a Medicaid applicant is more likely to be denied or to spend down all his or her assets unnecessarily.

Livens & Reed, PLLC knows the current policies and keeps current with the rules pertaining to Medicaid. Contact us before you submit a Medicaid application, and we can tell you within hours how much money we can save you.

Our goal is to save 60 to 100 percent of your assets and qualify your loved ones for Medicaid.

Our attorneys and staff understand the Medicaid strategies and the steps that are necessary to protect your assets and your loved ones.

Contact An Experienced Medicaid Asset Protection Attorney

Although it costs money to purchase annuities and pensions, they can save people more than 50 percent of their money. Dipping into your savings account to pay for a nursing home can disqualify you from receiving Medicaid, and giving all of your money to your loved ones in order to qualify can have huge tax penalties.

We work with individuals and their loved ones to minimize the penalties and maximize the savings. Although you may be able to accomplish the basic principle of investing in an annuity, you will likely save less money than you would by working with a lawyer.

Learn more about the options we provide and the important steps to avoid if you are thinking about applying for Medicaid. Contact us online, or call 800-569-2663 to schedule your free initial consultation. We represent clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area and communities throughout North Texas.

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