Consider potential medical expenses in long-term care planning

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Long Term Care Planning |

Many Texas residents and other adults around the country are looking forward to their retirement years. While several may anticipate the less-structured days when they no longer must go into work, others are waiting for the opportunity to get started on Medicare and reduce their monthly insurance premiums. However, financial experts warn that Medicare does not provide the comprehensive coverage that most seniors need. In fact, those approaching retirement still need to consider long-term care planning for many services that are not covered, even with a Medigap insurance policy.

Among those services that Medicare does not cover are the majority of alternative treatments, such as acupuncture or other holistic remedies. Though covered for correcting spinal misalignments, chiropractic care is not covered when used to get rid of or alleviate back pain. Many seniors need some type of home health care. When a physician approves care as part of a treatment plan, many skilled services may be covered. However, someone would need to secure unskilled care through a long-term care insurance policy, as Medicare would not cover those services.

Medicare will only cover a short stay in a skilled nursing facility, while Medicaid may provide long-term care for eligible seniors. Plans for living in a skilled nursing or assisted care facility could be address in a long-term care policy. As a general rule, Medicare does not cover routine dental or vision care. Finally, while some tests and treatments are covered, most hearing and foot care is not covered by Medicare.

It is important to understand what expenses might lie ahead for those Texas residents planning for their retirement years. An experienced elder law attorney can work with clients to assess their long-term care planning needs. A respected lawyer will help develop a plan that will give someone peace of mind knowing that his or her future needs have been addressed.

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