Discussing inheritance with children

After a lifetime of hard work, it makes sense that many people want to leave an inheritance to their children. It’s likely that they also want to ensure that the money is used responsibly. By focusing on the children who will receive the inheritance, it can help set...

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How can I find a lost will?

Sometimes when a family member or loved one with a will passes away, a copy of the will is unable to be located. This is likely to cause confusion and panic; however, rest assured that there are plenty of available ways to locate a lost will. Many people may not be...

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Children and inheritance in Texas

Texas parents often want all or most of an inheritance to go to their children after they pass away, to ensure their children’s financial needs are met and decrease the chances of their children experiencing money troubles after their parents are gone. The state of...

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Heirs need to do more than wait

Reaping the benefits of an inheritance is not a sure thing. Receiving the proceeds or assets of an estate requires preparation. There are several ways to help your children plan so they have the opportunity of receiving the maximum benefits from their inheritances....

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Intestate succession in Texas

Estate planning is a good way for a Texas resident to take control of how and to whom their end-of-life estate is distributed. Through their estate plan, a person can decide which loved ones will receive their property and in what quantities. An individual can provide...

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