Consider the need for long-term care plan

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Long Term Care Planning |

Many Texas residents and others around the country have spent a lot of time planning for their retirement years. While some may intend to travel. others might be looking forward to starting a completely different career or devoting time to a hobby. Most people don’t like to think about how life might be for them should they become incapacitated and are unable to care for themselves. While not necessarily a welcome topic to discuss, long-term care planning can alleviate many potential concerns in the future.

Financial planners stress the importance of addressing long-term care issues while someone is able to make all the appropriate decisions personally. One key question to consider is the preferred location of the long-term care. While most may hope to remain in their own homes as they grow older, provisions may be made to accommodate that through home health care. Or, if certain conditions are present, a nursing home or assisted-care facility may be warranted. Whichever option is chosen, a long-term care plan will denote how the care will be funded.

Another point to consider is who will make decisions regarding a person’s medical condition and treatment. Certainly, if someone is no longer able to make decisions, a plan should be in place that would carry out the specific wishes of that person. Likewise, someone should be designated to make financial decisions.

For peace of mind, it would be advantageous to seek the guidance of an experienced Texas elder law attorney. A respected lawyer will work to develop a long-term care plan specifically suited to the needs of the clients. An effective long-term care plan will provide peace of mind for individuals as they grow older.


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