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Updating an estate plan after becoming a grandparent

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2024 | Estate Planning |

There might be few things in life as joyful and exciting as preparing to welcome a grandchild into the family. As a new grandparent, you may look forward to watching your grandchild grow and thrive, and you might even have questions about what you can do to provide for his or her needs through various stages of life. 

The birth of a grandchild could impact your wishes and preferences for the future in various ways. Such a change in life might be just the time to consider reviewing your estate plan. There may be numerous tools to help you achieve your new goals, and updating your strategy could be vital to ensuring your plan reflects your current wishes. 

Things to consider 

Understanding your available estate planning options can be integral to preparing to update your plan after becoming a grandparent. Some things to consider as you approach this process could include: 

  • Addressing tax topics: Addressing topics such as inheritance and estate taxes can be a vital step toward preparing to address your options and choose a path that best meets your goals and needs. 
  • Evaluating trust options: Seeking advice on your available options for trusts and the possible benefits involved with similar paths can also prove integral to preparing to update your estate planning strategy. 
  • Beneficiary designations: It may also be helpful to consider updating beneficiary designations on items such as banking and retirement accounts to include the names of your grandchildren. 
  • Education expenses: If you wish to help your child pursue a higher education by helping cover the costs involved, evaluating options such as a 529 plan could be vital to achieving such goals. 

Being thorough when updating your will can also be a vital aspect of preserving your interests and ensuring that the distribution of your assets aligns with your new wishes and goals. 

Evaluating your options 

While new grandparents in Texas may wish to include their grandkids in their estate planning goals, they might have questions about how best to navigate this process. When facing a similar situation, it might be helpful to consider seeking guidance in addressing your questions and evaluating all your available estate planning options. This could help place you in a position to make informed choices about your options and take the proper steps to help bring your estate plan in line with your current wishes and goals for the future.  


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